How to Make Your Website Successful

Posted: February 12, 2013 in Blog

By Amit Rawat

Backlinks vs. Content – What’s Best For Your Website?

There was a time when your website’s content – or your website’s content keywords – were the presiding factor to bringing traffic to your site and pushing you up to the top of the search engine listings. Then Google began to preside over the internet and it decided backlinks were the best way to calculate if your site was good or not, and by association determine your search engine position. Of course what goes around comes around and more recently backlinks have fallen out of favor and content has become fashionable once again.

One of the reasons that backlinks have fallen from grace somewhat is the advent of Google’s Penguin – it’s search engine ranking algorithm. In effect, Penguin waddles its way through the internet assessing backlinks and downgrading websites with weak backlinks (paid-for or sponsored backlinks). As a result web design and optimization is refocusing on content rather than backlinks as a way to maximize a website’s SEO and online ranking.

The reality is that content and backlinks are both important factors when trying to elevate a website’s SERP positioning. Although, content and backlinks perform different tasks to achieve a common. No matter how many backlinks there are to a website, if there is no quality content then traffic will surely dry up, thus negating the effectiveness of the backlinks. However, without backlinks users will not be aware of quality content and therefore not visit the site.

For the best SEO results a website should have the correct mixture of backlinks and quality content. Get the ratio right and your website should start an unassailable march up the search engine rankings.

The phrase “Content is King” is regularly thrown about, but there’s an element of truth to it. Google’s Panda program is constantly scouring the internet for new and interesting material. If your website has lain dormant without updates for months, Penguin will pass it by and you’ll slip down the ranks. Interesting and original content will score heavily with Panda and boost your online score. Of course quality content will also be read and shared by users, which automatically generates backlinks of its own, so in one sense content is better than backlinks; because the former can generate the latter, but backlinks can never generate quality content.

On last consideration is the quality of backlinks themselves. As previously highlighted, Google’s new Penguin algorithm has been designed to reward sites with quality backlinks and weed out and demote sites with ‘thin’ backlinks – even if it has lots of them. Buying masses of backlinks is no longer considered sensible practice, and experts reckon that 10 quality backlinks linking to other quality sites are worth way more than 100 sponsored or paid-for backlinks of no or very low page rankings.

For backlinks and content – get the ratio right and you have the secret for your website’s success.


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