The Surprising Google+ Benefit You Can’t Afford to Overlook

Posted: February 12, 2013 in Blog

By Amit Rawat

When it comes to using social media for business networking, the platform that immediately comes to mind is LinkedIn. That one is usually used in a “set it and forget mode” – you park your resume there, because that’s what good workers or executives do, and you hope that it will get noticed, but other than that – that’s about the extent of most people’s involvement with LinkedIn. That is a not the best way to get results with LinkedIn, but that’s the subject of a whole different article.Google has taken an interesting step with Google+ recently. It highlights a possible development that it would be foolish to overlook when building your profile on Google+ and sharing content.

To get right to it – Google seems to be testing a feature on its job search page that allows you to use your Google+ profile to find what it considers relevant connections and jobs available at Google. This appears to be in beta mode – while the page isn’t clearly marked beta, the word beta appears in its URL as seen in the picture below. Whether that means it’s being tested as a “possible” inclusion in Google’s services or as a feature they are testing before rolling out to business users of Google+ remains to be seen.

In either case – if you search for a job at Google while signed in to your Google+ profile, you will see a search screen that looks like this:


We have all heard of employers using social media as part of a background and reference checking process for their prospective employees, and we have also seen companies use a social media platform (Pinterest) to run their jobs board altogether. Many people are also using Pinterest as a way to pin their resumes and be found online. Including a link to your Pinterest profile can be a unique way to introduce your prospective employer to what makes you unique and how you might fit into a company’s culture. Just a quick Pinterest tip thrown in there .

If you choose to connect your profile to your job search, here is what you will see next: a list of jobs that is screened according to the items in your profile. So it might include location-specific positions, positions matched to your profile keywords, Google positions that are related to the content you post regularly, etc.


Another feature that becomes activated after you sign in with your Google+ account is the ability to share job postings. Because what is social job search without the social part, right?

You will also have the option to follow the “Life at Google” page on Google+, in addition to seeing who you are already connected with who works at Google and who you might know based on your profile and other connections at Google.

Like many other membership-based job search engines, logging in with your Google+ profile allows you to save job descriptions and to receive email updates when positions are posted that match up with your qualifications.

Whether this remains part of Google’s offering via Apps, this could certainly suggest a new way for Google+ to provide value to its business customers.

What does this mean for you? Even if you’re not looking to get a job at Google, this would be wise to consider as you complete your profile and post content regularly.

Clearly the more completely you fill out your profile, the better, if you plan on using it for job searching now or in the future. Especially if this is something that is rolled out to business customers.

I think this highlights the importance of taking all aspects of your social networking, content creation, and profile creation seriously. From the negative aspect, we have heard stories about people being caught off guard and prospective employers not considering them because of posts on their social media platforms.

This is the positive side of that coin, I think. This suggests that the material you post on social media should be considered carefully – not just for how it could harm you, but how creating a strong presence now could be a benefit to you in the future in a way you might not even know yet.

What do you think? Will you be adjusting your profile as a result of Google+ being connected to job search? Leave a comment – I’d love to know!


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