Should I Purchase a Website Name with Dashes in It?

Posted: February 13, 2013 in Blog

By Amit Rawat

When hunting for domain names that contain keywords, I used to be precautionary if it is really safe to shop for the domain with dashes (hyphens) in it or not. There appear to be some pros and cons to having dashes during a name.


  • Domains with dashes facilitate separate keywords so there is no confusion with SEO.
  • Domains with dashes additionally facilitate separate keywords for folks visiting the location.
  • Domains with dashes / hyphens in it are easier to locate on search results pages.
  • Domains with dashes are easier to shop for and a lot of accessible.

There are several domains still open for common keywords if you employ dashes.


  • Domains with dashes may be less unforgettable and might cause confusion or lead folks to your competition.

So i’d attempt to avoid shopping for a website with slash/dashes in it for the most website of a business or organization. Folks would possibly forget the dash and head to your competition as they own the non-dash version of the name – you get less “type-in” traffic if there is a dash. you would not need to advertise a website with a hyphen in it on the radio since folks would possibly get it wrong. The dash / hyphen key may be difficult for folks to seek out.

  • Domains with dashes will reasonably look spam or less respectable.
  • Domains with dashes are less valuable if you wish to sell your name later.

If you get a website with a slash in it, you will need to additionally purchase the non-dash version or otherwise. It’s all up to you. Generally it isn’t worthwhile. It simply depends on however you are projecting the brand name. Single combined domain names are far better than domain names with multiple dashes/hyphens.

The dashes are reasonably sensible for SEO since they assist to outline what keywords you wish to use. I am certain Google spiders are good enough to work out which of the keywords you mean supported as incoming links and page comments, however why not build it fully clear. It will not hurt much. Thus if your name is what i’d mentioned a “supporting domain” being employed for advertising (think AdSense ads) or to be a relevant web site going with your dream, then dashes are fine.


Google says that actual match domain names do not rank higher that is what they are saying… however they are doing exceptionally well. I’ve tested it. Exact match name could be a search phrase that individuals sort in and your name simply happens to be that exact search. This can be what you must do and, with this methodology, there are no dashes or hyphens.

I’ve almost made my mind on this to go with dashes/hyphen in domain name.

Few of domain name shopping tips in Summary:

  • Include sensible keywords in your domain name (use Google’s Adwords Keyword Tool to find out some).
  • Buy the .net .org and variations to assist shield your brand name.
  • Buy the misspellings of your name if applicable.
  • Keep the name short.
  • Avoid buying proprietary names.
  • Buy the plural of your name if applicable. just for sake of your brand name.

Any questions? Let us know!


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