You Have A Week To Apply For Your Own Google Glass [#ifihadglass]

Posted: February 20, 2013 in Blog

By Amit Rawatimages

Google requires that applicants use Google+ or Twitter to tell it what they would do if they had Glass. You have to include the hashtag #ifihadglass (which is currently trending on Twitter). The application must be 50 words or less, and can include up to five photos. It can also include a short video (15 seconds max).

You have until February 27th to submit an application. If Google selects you, the company will let you know with an invitation to become a “Google Glass Explorer”. Explorers must pre-order Glass Explorer Edition for $1,500 plus tax, and attend a special pick-up experience in person. These will take place in San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles.

You also have to follow +ProjectGlass on Google+ or @projectglass on Twitter, so they can contact you directly….READ MORE


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