How Google is preparing the world for Glass

Posted: February 21, 2013 in Blog

By Amit Rawat

How Google is preparing the world for Glass analysis Amid skepticism and name-calling (“Glassholes!”), Google makes a strategic effort to bring wearable computing to the mainstream.


Early this morning, while most of the West Coast slept, Google took the next steps in introducing Google Glass to the world.

A sleek website, highlighted by a crisp, new video, started to answer basic questions about the device for the broader world. How does it look? What does it do? Can I use it while dancing with a ballerina? (You can.)

Along with the new glimpses of Glass came a contest designed to lure early adopting enthusiasts in the United States. The simple request: “Using Google+ or Twitter, tell us what you would do if you had Glass, starting with the hashtag #ifihadglass.”

Contestants have until February 27 to make their pitch, and if successful, they still have to pay $1,500 to get the Explorer edition. Twitter quickly lit up with ideas, from recording fencing bouts to secretly checking Wikipedia while talking with friends. (Then there was Andre Torrez, who said he “could record your face and location and give it to a massive advertising company.”)



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